Monthly Archives: February 2012

SaGa 3 Patch v0.2.612 Released.

The wait is finally over.  We have officially released our first patch.  It’s not a complete patch, but there’s quite a bit of content to keep players busy while we work on the next one.  The patch can be downloaded from the project page.

Menu Patch Gets Upgraded

Rather than referring to our patch as the “Menu Patch” we’re going to go with version 0.2. The reason being is that Easton West and cidkramer have been hammering out the main script to the point that the patch is far more than a menu patch. When the patch becomes available on Friday, we’ll have translated the Past, Present and Future! Far more than what we had originally planned. Unfortunately not all the missions will be done in time for release but we’ll try to include as many as we can. The focus at this point has been on the main script, which is the most important.