SaGa 3 Progress Update

Things continue to go well, especially the last couple of weeks.  Almost all the menu text is now translated except for a few things which are being worked on right now.  The graphics are almost done as well with just a few left to do and some touch ups.  We were aiming for a release by the end of the month, but it might not be until the new year.  Originally our goal was to provide a “menu patch” but it has grown to include more to help non-Japanese reading players to play through the game with the help of an English walkthrough.  While adding extra content means it will take longer to get the patch out, it will be worth the wait.  Our testers are currently testing the beta patches they’ve been given and once we’re satisfied with the work we’ll make a public release.

Here’s what you can expect in the first patch we release:

  • All menu text (items, monster notes, story notes, etc) except for the sub event (free scenario)
  • All battle text
  • All the graphics
  • All the tutorials (Pink Slime, in-battle, etc)
  • Main story up until the Northern Tower, possibly more.

Happy holidays!

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