Monthly Archives: June 2011

Forum open

I opened up the forum so we’ll all have a nice place to chat.  If things don’t go well (which I don’t expect to be the case) then I’ll simply close them.  Please read the forum rules and have fun.

SaGa 3 Progress

Things continue to go well. There’s still a lot of menu stuff to translate but we’re only a month in and I think we’ve done quite well. On the project page I added some progress indicators. Keep in mind that the percentages are based on the number of files translated, not the number of lines. Some files have six lines while others can have a few hundred, even up to a thousand. The idea is simply to show that we are indeed alive and well and the game is being worked on. I also added a few more screen shots to the media gallery. Enjoy.  :)

SaGa 3: Update and new screenshot

Things are going well. The main script has been dumped and awaits translation after the menu stuff is done. We don’t have any kind of progress indicators at the moment but we’ll work on something and post it on the project page when we do. For the time being head over to the media page and check out the new screenshot.

Cainfire Mod

A few years ago I created a mod for Hellfire (Diablo expansion) that fixes some bugs and adds a few neat features.  See to see a full list of changes and a download link.